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2019-11-08 20:05:19

The only connection for your content that you truly own and control is on your domain name. And, it works for everyone globally.  All your content on search engines, social networks or apps and free email is shared – owned by others – under terms and conditions you may never understand.  Its important to own a domain name to hold your digital content.

So why do I constantly talk about these special assets called domain names?

Because as the most recognized part of a URL, or Universal Resource Locator, your domain name gives you the opportunity to OWN your online property. And it is already a connection for available for everyone.  You didn’t build the network. You didn’t lay the cable and connect the world. Yet, you get to use it to connect to the global community.

I thinks its fine to leverage existing search engines and social media to grow and gain attention.   But just like you want to own a home, not rent it; you want to own your customer relationships. And where do you own the data and processes, only on your own website, on your own domain name.

And if you are going to have a domain name, why not get the best domain name you can?  If you feel unworthy, or apologize for your domain name. Upgrade.  You upgrade your clothes, where you stay and travel. The seats you sit in at events. Your advertising in venues and platforms that reflect quality. Consider that your domain name needs to match the quality you hope to show customers, vendors, friends and partners.

Lastly, in most interactions, users will see your domain name before they click, email, visit or hear you out.  They are already making impressions of you and your company when they meet you or see your link, business card, or social media profile. If you domain name is a “just OK” domain name, or one not representative of the quality you need to get a meeting or further attention; your losing reach.  You will never know who didn’t follow through and see you or your site because of a value judgement just from seeing your domain name.

A domain name is important because its the location of your company or content, and also part of your marketing and branding online.

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